Ladislav Miko appointed lead advisor to EC Presidency

Speaking at Wild Europe’s 2010 EC Presidency conference on restoration

Congratulations to Ladislav Miko on his appointment to advise the forthcoming EC Presidency, to be undertaken by the Czech Republic from July to December this year.

Longtime stalwart supporter of wilderness in Europe, and Chairman of Wild Europe until recently (still a trustee), Ladislav will relinquish his current role as head of the EU representation to the Slovakian Republic to undertake this crucial task. 

He will be faced by a crowded schedule that encompasses numerous meetings in the run up to determination of the EU Biodiversity and Forest Strategies, as well as the emerging Restoration Law. 

It will also see him playing a central role as EU representative in EU contributions to the UN Climate Change Conference at COP 27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, followed by COP15 in Montreal (December 7-19th) in the final month of the Presidency tenure.

In a slightly less prominent but important guise, Ladislav will be leading Wild Europe’s symposium at the Society for Ecological Restoration’s conference in Alicante (5 – 9th September). 

Here a range of proposals will be aired for incorporation into a restoration strategy for large natural ecosystem areas, seen as essential for address of the twin biodiversity and climate change crises