Wild Europe inputs to EC Forest and Restoration consultations

A Forest Strategy not Forestry Strategy

The EU planning process is in full spate.

In December 2020 Wild Europe contributed to two consultations: on EU Forest Strategy and Restoration Targets. These are part of a wider process that includes determination of EU Timber Regulations, Land Use and Land Use Change and Forestry (the discordant LULUCF), with other measures to follow. 

At stake in this determination of policy over the next decade are our fast-disappearing ecosystems and their wildlife. 

The State of Nature in the EU Report published in October by the Environment Agency makes a grim backdrop: species in freefall decline, majority of habitats in unfavourable condition, climate change accelerating and budgets pressurised by COVID.

In this context the potential offered by rewilding, with its focus on non-intervention and cost-effective nature based solutions, has never been more important.

Wild Europe’s input to the consultation process 

Restoration of Carbon Absorbent Biodiversity Rich Ecosystem Areas

In a formal consultation process limited to 4000 characters, we focussed on those key actions essential to ensure the necessary radical action to address the twin crises of species extinction and climate change. 

We seek extended protection and extensive restoration of natural ecosystems. The producer associations seek the status quo. There is however much more common ground between the two ‘sides’ than is often appreciated. We need to explore and establish this.

Lobby groups representing agriculture and forestry interests may be influential, but together they represent less than 2.5% of GDP in the European Union – much less if heavy subsidies from the remaining of the economy were withdrawn. The overwhelming weight of public opinion, backed by growing awareness among consumer and taxpayer associations, wants to see more proportionate attention paid to vital environmental concerns that affect their future.

It is in everybody’s interests to secure far-reaching agreement.

Input to EU Forest Strategy consultation

Input to nature restoration targets