EU Parliament critical of Svydovets resort plan

Natural landscape of the Svydovets region

An EP Resolution on implementation of its annual EUAA Report on Ukraine, published 11th February 2021, criticises planned development of this mega ski and recreation complex in the Zakarpattia oblast of the Ukrainian Carpathians, forecast to host 28,000 visitors per day.

The Resolution calls on the Ukrainian government to prevent widespread illegal logging – particularly of primeval forests – which it cites as the main cause of flooding in the region. It further calls on the EU to take steps help prevent such logging “in connection with the unlawful Svydovets ski resort project”.

Establishment of more protected areas in the country is also requested

The alternative of local sustainable tourism 

Alternatives being proposed to Sydovets include small scale facilities for ecotourism and low key recreation based in local communities which can bring direct income and employment benefits. A training centre for mountain guides is to be established, with help for smaller existing ski resort facilities at Dragobat, plans for a tourism centre and small scale agricultural processing & marketing projects. 

The existing Dragobrat resort, a grouping of local hotels

This is in stark contrast to the Svydovets resort plans, which threaten to destroy the unique ecological and landscape attributes than make the area so attractive, replacing these with a massive ski complex, owned by distant shareholders, whose economic future for investors and locals alike is vulnerable to accelerating climate change.

Free Svydovets Group and MEPs Michael Gahler, Viola Von Cramon, Traian Basescu and Andrea Bocskor in Brussels, January 2020